PREMIUM CASTINGは、企業のための一流アーティスト専門のキャスティングサービスです。

例)VIPのためのクローズドパーティ/最上顧客のための感謝イベント/ハイクラスなパーティ/販促のためのプレミアムイベント/社内周年パーティ etc.


また新サービス、PREMIUM AD-CASTINGをこのほどスタートいたしました。一流音楽アーティストの活動、発信力、ファンベースを企業マーケティングに活用したいという要望に応え、単純なTV CMキャスティング・タイアップにとどまらず、WEB・SNS広告、イベント、ファンクラブミーティングなどを複合的に活用し、従来のマスマーケティングだけでは解決できない課題に対応したPR活動サポートを行います。

最高のエンタテインメントをお約束するPREMIUM CASTING、お気軽にご相談ください。

PREMIUM CASTING is a casting service specializing in top-class artists for companies.
We have a direct network and relationships of trust with various entertainment and music production companies, allowing us to work with first-class artists, famous artists, and talented artists who are active on TV and other venues. We will do everything from project proposals to casting and stage production according to your requests and budget.

Examples) Closed parties for VIPs/Thank you events for top customers/High-class parties/Premium events for sales promotion/In-house anniversary parties, etc.

Recently, there are many cases of simultaneous online broadcasting.
We provide one-stop entertainment that is compatible with the new era.

We have also recently launched a new service, PREMIUM AD-CASTING. In response to the desire to utilize the activities, power of communication, and fan base of top-class music artists for corporate marketing, we go beyond simple TV commercial casting and tie-ups to make comprehensive use of web and SNS advertising, events, fan club meetings, etc. We also provide support for PR activities that address issues that cannot be resolved through traditional mass marketing alone.

Please feel free to contact us about PREMIUM CASTING, which promises the best entertainment.